About me! (Richard Blackman)

I'm a developer from Perth in Western Australia. I've been programming since childhood when I used to type BASIC programs into my 128K ZX Spectrum from code listings in the back of computer magazines. Having worked in web development, mining, technical services and government for over 10 years now I have a lot of experience in programming with open source and proprietary technologies and a strong commercial background in PHP and .NET.

I don't know if I have a favourite programming language but I think I prefer hackery ones such as python, ruby and lisp. I'm also looking at Haskell to boost my skills.

Other hobbies include muay thai (thai boxing), guitar, sports cars and motorbikes. I also like a bit of cooking.

Here's what I look like.

Here's where I live.

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I hope you like the site! You can contact me on richardjblackman at gmail.